The Schemes SG Team

We made this product with much heart.

The Schemes SG team


Product Lead, Engineer

Hong Chiong

Frontend Engineer


Backend and Deployment Engineer


ML Engineer


Comms and Outreach


UX Research and Content


Schemes Research I/C


Schemes Research I/C 2

Ad-hoc assistance

Special thanks to these organisations and individuals for helping with specific tasks:

JAB Design Pte. Ltd.

Pro-bono help with designing our new logo and other assets

Jian Yang

Assistance with exploring the use of transformers to improve the language model

Our research team

The Schemes SG app would not be possible without the tireless work of our researchers. Without a comprehensive backend repository of social assistance schemes in Singapore, put together by dedicated searching and ground experience, the best algorithm and data tools would mean nothing. These lovely individuals have availed their time, strength and heart to build this:

Phyllis Brown
Alex Ang
Ruth Tan
Neo Loo Seng
Shelly Kwa
Ben Liu
Peggy Chong
Philip Tanpoco
Tnia Jun Peng
Ng Zhuo Wei
Phua Ying Jie
Gregory Loh
Hon Jing Yi

Please note

We are a team of volunteers who wish to make a difference. As we are doing this in our personal time, we might take a while to respond.